Verda's Place at Sarah Cannon Cancer Center

2316 E Meyer Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64132

Cynthia A. Randazzo
President/CEO of the Research Foundation
816-276-4218 |
Victoria Jonas at Sarah Cannon Cancer Center
Research Medical Center 

In July of 2018, with over $40,000 in funds donated to Bra Couture KC by the friends and family of Verda Salberg who lost her life to breast cancer, Verda’s Place, named in her honor, was opened through the Research Foundation at Sarah Cannon Cancer Center located at Research Hospital.

Verda was a first year Bra Couture KC model and a dedicated supporter of Bra Couture for the remaining years of her life; a vibrant, beautiful woman, we miss her dearly each and every day. Services available to men and women at Verda’s Place include:

  • Wigs, breast prosthetics, prosthetic bras, lymphedema sleeves (lymphedema consulting services), head covers
  • $15,000 – Financial assistance for 50 patients at $300 each in the form of a Quick Trip Gas Card (for transportation for care, Price Chopper Food Card and payment of utilities
  • $5,000 – Financial assistance for 5 patients at $1,000 each – the same services listed above

This is our first center where we started sustaining patients in treatment who are not being paid because they are too ill to work. This is a passion of the organization to ensure uninsured/underinsured cancer patients can have basic life services they might lose due to their cancer. We don’t want patients worrying about food, shelter and utilities to sustain their life needs.