Make a Donation

Every gift large or small supports our mission of providing critical cancer care items for men and women of Kansas City who are uninsured or underinsured.  You may donate online, or by mail to TBCO, 1212 Locust Street, Harrisonville, Missouri, 64701.  

Major donors will be recognized on our website in gratitude for their donation.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts

So many of us have lost a loved one to cancer. Making a donation to Bra Couture KC is a wonderful way to honor, to remember, and pay tribute to a loved one who has passed We love to share the story of Verda Salberg, a first year model. Verda lost her life to breast cancer and requested her friends and family donate to Bra Couture KC. Those donations amounted to close to $40k and resulted in a new BCKC Cancer Services Center, Verda’s Place at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center through the Research Foundation. In making a memorial or honorary gift, your kindness will be announced to the honoree or appropriate family members. You may donate online by clicking here, or by mail to TBCO, 1212 Locust Street, Harrisonville, Missouri 64701. Major donors will be recognized on our website in gratitude for their donation.

Planned Giving

Leave a legacy of hope through a planned gift to Bra Couture KC. If you are interested in making a gift by bequest, please first consult your attorney. You may also contact Sharon Payne, Founder of Bra Couture KC at 816-304-4025. Major donors will be recognized on our website in gratitude for their donation.

Matching Gifts

Participating in a matching gifts program makes your donation go further. Many companies encourage employees to donate to their favorite charities by matching their contributions. Your company may even make a monetary donation in recognition of volunteer service. Some companies may also match the gifts of retirees, spouses, surviving spouses, and outside directors. Talk to your human resources department to find out if a program is available to you.

In-Kind Gifts/Volunteer Projects

Bra Couture KC’s focus in on breast cancer. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you may choose to have an event to benefit BCKC. Contact Sharon Payne at 816-304-4025 for more information. If your organization fundraises for charities, have a representative contact us to discuss the benefits of selecting BRA COUTURE KC as the beneficiary.  Bra Couture KC also needs in-kind donations for our event and auction packages. Click here for information about how to be an in-kind donor.

Gift of Time - Volunteer

Volunteer to become part of a Bra Couture KC Event planning committee, or to volunteer on day of set up for BCKC’s annual event. Click here to volunteer.

Attend Bra Couture KC’s Annual Event

One of the most fun events in Kansas City, Bra Couture KC’s Annual Event is held in the spring of each year.

By becoming a sponsor, click here for sponsor categories, or purchasing event tickets for yourself and your friends, click here to purchase a ticket, you will help Bra Couture KC meet the demands of funds for uninsured/underinsured cancer patients in Kansas City.