Samuel Rodgers Institute and Health Center

825 Euclid Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64124

Bra Couture KC is deeply honored to receive a grant request from the Samuel Rodgers Institute and Health Center. This amazing community hospital that turns no one away if they cannot pay, is highly credited and looked upon as one of the most generous hospitals in our Kansas City community.

To have this organization reach to us for grant dollars is indeed an honor. Samuel Rodgers has submitted a grant request for $30,000 to support their free mammogram screening program for uninsured/underinsured women at their center. In the past year alone they have provided almost 1,100 mammograms to help ensure early detection for breast cancer.

Samuel Rodgers Health Center has existed for nearly 50 years, with the family as the focus of our healing work and our mission to provide high quality, compassionate and affordable health care for all. At Rodgers Health, we deliver universal compassion with cultural competence to everyone who walks through our doors.

This is an example of the direction that Bra Couture KC wants to achieve for the future; to be that source that organizations such as Samuel U. Rodgers Institute and Health Center reaches out to for funds.